How to Pack for a Month in Asia

Really, this should be titled: How to Pack for a Month in Asia (after a wedding weekend in autumnal New York, along with another stint in wintry New York, plus also preparing your apartment for two months of subletting). And, actually, this is more of a cry for help than a list of recommendations!


1. Lay out some things

I like to display all the items I might possibly need and then narrow it down from there. This helps me visualize where everything is going to fit and lets me know if I have crazy expectations. 

2. Don't forget your dress!

This is only valid if you're a bridesmaid, but hang your dress in a place where you won't forget it.

3. Watch the live action Beauty and the Beast on Netflix

Take a break. Why not?

4. Narrow down the things

Make enough space for souvenirs and the many, many pairs of shoes that you will definitely need at all times during your journey.

5. Don't forget your dress!

Move the dress to a place where you can actually see it, and bring the shoes along with it. 

6. Pack the things

Self-explanatory. I like to perform a rolling method since my clothes are mostly yoga pants and partially yoga shirts. Fill all the extra spaces with underwear so at least your underclothes will be clean when everything else is dirty.

7. Bring a passport

And a wallet. And a phone. And don't forget your dress!