100th Post!

I'm a psychic, y'all! Over the weekend, I sat myself down in a coffee shop (which also happens to be my favorite pitaya/chia pudding/smoothie bowl establishment) and did a little updating on some old blog posts to optimize them for search engines and some other fancy internet business. As I was scrolling through the list I thought, "Hm... I wonder how many times I have posted. Has it been 100 times? Or will the 100th time be coming up soon?" And wouldn't you know it, the very next post was to be the 100th post! There are some wild forces at work in this world.

So this is it. #100! Thank you for reading, liking, and sharing. And for being the people offering love and support every day. I'm happy to be existing on this planet with you.

Lake Nicaragua

Oh yeah, and I made a coloring book. You can check it out here: http://amzn.to/2CtI89h