A City Sekrit

When you live in a rapidly growing city, it's hard to let a conversation pass you by without commenting on the changes that have occurred between the time you moved to that city and now. Usually, these observations include mention of things that used to be better: "There was hardly any traffic!" "We never waited in lines!" "Rainey Street!"

Even if you haven't lived in the new place for very long, you'll find yourself yearning for days gone by. Weren't things less expensive? Couldn't you find a parking spot in an area now covered by valet service? Though we accept change as inevitable, our grumpiness about it proves our worth. We've been here long enough to find something to complain about.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to visit a lesser-known Austin destination that is getting close to shutting its doors: the Sekrit Theatre. This lovely outdoor space features a giant backyard, lots of quirky details, and an outdoor theatre where movies are shown twice a week. The central greenhouse was the ideal location for a ladies yoga Summer Solstice celebration.

While I'm sad about the sale of this special secret, I'm so glad I was lucky enough to spend one perfect afternoon here.