Intentions: Eclipse Edition

From a pretty young age, I realized that it didn't make much sense to ask for specific, little wishes from the universe, whether it was convincing middle school boys to like me or passing my driver's test on the first try. There were bigger things at play here. I've always had more than enough in my daily life, and I know now that sometimes what we want is far from what we need, so my requests have (not always selflessly) steered towards greater experiences, lasting talents, and a more global perspective.


I tried to keep to that theme when coming up with some eclipse intentions. It's always difficult to wrangle all my interests into a short list of three, but I realize the importance of harnessing this powerful shift and channeling energy toward what we find most important, even if it only happens in our heads. Here's a list of what I'll be focusing on this time around:

1. To live even more in the way. In other words, to go with the flow and to avoid letting big shifts throw me off my game. I'm learning to see the teacher in all experiences, even when they look like setbacks at first. I hope to continue this practice since we all know the big changes won't be stopping anytime soon.

2. To feel at home in myself. This one's usually tough! To be accepting of myself and my journey, without wanting it to look a different way or move along faster than it needs to. To feel comfortable with all my sameness and uniqueness that keeps me moving within my community, without comparing and competing along the way. 

3. To cultivate discipline. As an Aries and an Enneagram 7, I am a really great starter and not much of a follow through and finisher. I'm enthusiastic about a broad number of activities, and deep about very few. Most habits that begin with full force excitement get forgotten or left behind in a week or two. I've realized that most of my internal growth has happened when I'm able to stay in one place and put my heart into something or at least sit myself still for time enough to think and reflect, even when my wandering feet get bored.


So that's my list. I'd love to hear yours. Also, remember that on any old day it's alright to drop everything, get outside, and wonder at the sky! It seems like there's so little that we really understand about how this world is working.