Sunday Special, Vol. 5

It could be something about the new moon or the high of a great weekend, but I'm giving every category a plus! I hope your Sunday feels just as swell.

Dodger stadium


l went to a Dodgers game where I ate a hotdog, a pretzel, and a very large beer, but I think and hope the rest of the week held more vegetables than baseball stadium items. All the yoga classwork, teaching, and assisting made it difficult to maintain my personal practice this week, so I spent Saturday and Sunday reconnecting.  (+)


Phone calls and texts are the name of the game. One of my friends' grandmothers passed away this week, so I made sure to call mine. I could do a better job of checking in more regularly-- I'm lucky to be able to talk to her!  (+)


I made a surprise new friend at the very first college alumni gathering that I've ever attended (the Dodgers game), and another precious friend invited me to her birthday party out in Joshua Tree. Plus, plus, plus. (+)

Intimate Relationships

I prefer to keep this section private for now :)


I was back to a normal teaching schedule this week. I've shifted from subbing almost every class to having a few permanent classes of my own which has been very nice since it allows us to get to know each other better and lets me learn more of the students' practice. I'm happy that things are steadily progressing on the teaching front. (+)


I ate a lot of packed lunches and sort of restrained myself by avoiding expensive chai lattes so, what the heck, I'm throwing in a plus. (+)


I'm a little tired of driving, but I am certainly not going to complain about a trip to Joshua Tree to see my friend's perfectly decorated future Air-bnb abode. (+)

Joshua Tree House


I went up to sing karaoke by myself for the first time, but it's too soon to tell if that will become a hobby! However, I spent an afternoon crocheting with a crafty friend at a cute little art store, so it's still a win. (+)


I finished reading Wherever You Go, There You Are, and there were multiple instructions to not share the details of whether your meditation practice is going well or not, so please forgive me for doing that in the past! I'm pleased to be learning new pranayama, or breathing, techniques from teacher training, but it definitely requires a lot of focus and discipline to keep my mind on track. (+)


I would have given very different answers depending on the day of the week! Wednesday was a cloudy day, I was low energy, sitting on the beach between classes, and could almost feel myself on the verge of tears. I dragged through our group meeting and class that night, and couldn't wait to get to bed and end the day. On Thursday the sun came back, and the weekend was all a blur of fun. Emotions can be such an unpredictable whirlwind; sometimes we just have to sit and watch them pass. (+)

Joshua Tree art gallery