Sisters in California: Day 5

We would have liked to have stayed in our sweet little (ok, actually very large) hotel in Yountville for longer than one night, but we had places to go and people (actually more places) to see. On our way out, we visited the highly recommended Bouchon Bakery. Elayne broke our donut streak, but I kept it going with a raspberry cream.

Bouchon bakery

After breakfast it was off to check out another winery, because is there any better way to start the day? In the last post, I said that Domaine Carneros was my favorite, and I stand by that in terms of wine quality and variety. But, when it comes to ambiance, I preferred the front porch and garden at Frog’s Leap. It felt like we were hanging out at home or catching up with old friends (old friends who happen to live in a fancy vineyard in wine country).

Frogs Leap
Frogs Leap

We strolled off our 11am buzz amongst the sunflowers, then headed into downtown Napa to see what the other side of town was like. There were a ton of choices for lunch, and I was surprised to find a lot of breweries. I would think most people would be focused on wine, but I guess you’ve got to offer some variety for non-wine drinkers.

Oxbow Public Market Napa

We were tempted by all the food stalls in Oxbow Public Market and we did get some healthy juice to hold us over, but Gott’s Roadside burgers was the winner. I got an Impossible burger in a lettuce wrap because I’m both very health- and environmentally conscious. However, whenever I order that, I always end up spilling a lot on my shirt, so it appears I’m also very messy.

It’s a bit over 4 hours from Napa to Yosemite, so I’m not sure I would do both of them in a single trip from LA again, but who knows if there will be another chance?! As usual, we had to do it all. We arrived just before sunset to our B&B, where we sat out on the back patio and watched dozens of hummingbirds gather around the feeder. The Red Tail Ranch was a phenomenal place to stay for the weekend.

Red Tail Ranch