Post #1: How to Pack for a Month Overseas

1. Take over your entire dining room table. Ask for your roommate's forgiveness later (if she/he is a goddess/god like mine is, she/he will pretend not to be annoyed!). Eat all of your meals on the floor in fire log pose to stimulate your digestive fires and sculpt your bikini body.

*Don't put anything on your bed, you'll need it for sleeping after you spend all day putting off packing!

Packing for Europe


2. Bring enough underwear for 3.5 weeks to make up for the time your dad told you to bring only 5 pairs for a month-long study abroad trip to Argentina. Know that bidet-washed underwear is not machine-washed underwear. I spent one summer working at Victoria's Secret and can make you an instructional video on how to fold them into 5-pair bundles. 

3. Put everything on the table, take many things off the table, put (too) many things in the bag, take everything out of the bag, etc. etc. Pack your computer because you are an adult, unpack your computer because you are a light-living summer gypsy, repack your computer because you are a slave to the internet and want photosharing and Netflix in airports. Remember this is a trial and error process and all you really need is your passport, then go!