Iceland: First Steps

We made it to Iceland, y'all!

Reykjavik Iceland doorstep

And I am ashamed to tell you... I have read a lot of books in my life; I have been to a number of countries in this world; I've even had friends who have visited Iceland and shared pictures with me of Iceland, but until I stepped off the plane, none of those things had really convinced the artist in my imagination that Iceland was not a land of cold, white winter, empty of vegetation and full of moose, caribou, and puffins roaming all over the place.

But today I found out, of course, it's not!

It's beautiful! It's green! There are flowers! Everything is alive! And the puffins live somewhere else that it costs 100 dollars to visit.

Reykjavik, Iceland

So we're here, and we love it. We pried our sleepy, five hour flight eyes open to eat, drink, tour, and walk forever, admiring cute patios along the way. Click the image below for a slideshow!

Was the Phallological [Penis] Museum a tourist trap? Maybe. (Yes, definitely). Will we ever see so many whale, seal, bear, mouse, goat, and so on penises in one place? I sincerely hope not.

This land of trolls and constant daylight is magically calling to me, but for tonight, my body is very, very excited to meet its bed.

Sitting by the river in Reykjavik, Iceland