Eating in Reykjavik: Don't be skyred!

*Disclaimer: I didn't actually eat that many adventurous Icelandic foods. I just wanted to make this pun using skyr, a delicious yogurty dairy product that they eat for breakfast, snack, and dessert.

Skyr in Iceland

So I didn't try whale, puffin, or seal because I didn't feel like eating whales, puffins, or seals, but I did eat a tiny bit of lamb, A LOT of wonderfully fresh fish, and as much skyr as I could get my hands on. 

Our first coffee on the island

Our first coffee on the island

Our celebratory, start of trip meal at Kopar could go toe-to-toe with most top restaurants in Austin, and our servers were always perfectly friendly and helpful. We even ate a traditional, mayonnaise-slathered hotdog on the last day, despite the fact that neither of us likes mayonnaise or hot dogs.

Icelandic hot dog

Then we went and swam in some geothermal pools, and all was fine and good.

Blue Lagoon in Iceland