On Ometepe

It's quite a luxury when everyone at home is talking about the weather, and you are not worrying about the weather even a little bit at all.

Volcano Concepcion Ometepe Island

I'm telling you about Ometepe Island again because I hope that you will add it to your list of places to go. It is full of all of the things you like to do-- hiking, swimming, rope swinging, scooter riding, waterfalling, ziplining, kayaking, basking, chocolate making/eating, laying around-- What else could there be? Maybe you are a crazy person who likes to hike 10 hours up and down steep volcanoes; it offers that, too.

San Ramon Waterfall
Sunset Punto Jesus Maria

And to the people who told me to take the early ferry home and not to wait for the last one, I am kindly suggesting that you rethink your advice. 

Ometepe sunset ferry