Sunday Special, Vol. 14


It seems like the Canyon Ranch vibe has rubbed off on me, because this week had me living pretty healthfully. It happened mainly in the exercise department, since I had taken so many classes on our vacation that I wanted to keep it all up once I came back. On top of that, the array of menu items at the resort inspired me more often to wait and prepare food at home instead of grabbing something on the go. (+)


I was a little out of touch this week, coming back from a week away and getting back into the swing of things. I did call my grandma to find out that she won $500 at the casino last week, so that was a win. (+/-)


The friends you meet can really make or break your time in a new city. I know meeting people can be especially hard here in LA, what with all the driving and hustling and trying to be the most famous and glamorous. Every day I feel so elated to have met so many amazing people here who I am lucky enough to call my friends. And to be invited to two Friendsgivings, one of which we had last night and was absolutely delicious! (+)


Whew! I taught ten times this past week and attended eight hours of teacher training over the weekend. That is not a humble brag— it’s just how life went. The goal number of classes per week that I set for myself is a little higher than that, but honestly, right now ten feels like maximum capacity. I wonder how it will feel once teacher training comes to an end, but we’ve still got a few more months to power through. (+)


I officially have a new part time job, as something called a Destination Consultant where I’ll be helping relocated employees get acquainted with their new city. I decided to accept the job partially so that my entire income doesn’t ride on yoga, and partially because I applied a few months ago, didn’t hear anything for a while, forgot about it, and then it sprang up again. You really never know. (+)


Went to see a favorite band in a new (to me) place. (+)


I am 100% officially done with the crocheted bag, although I did say I finished it last week. But today I added a button and a button loop. I also stopped at Michael’s where they were having a buy 2 get 1 free yarn sale, so you know what I’ll be getting into during Thanksgiving break... (+)



The meditation app that I use keeps me interested because it’s usually about 10 minutes of an opening discussion followed by 10-15 minutes of meditation. Unfortunately, this week I was getting so wrapped up in taking notes on the lecture portion (yes, I do that) and thinking about it, that I got a little distracted from the actual meditation. So much for clearing my mind. I’m sure it’s a product of this speedy lifestyle I’m living. I am looking forward to the chance to slow down with fewer classes and obligations next week. (+)


Overjoyed! There’s something about this time of year. I think the holidays for me are actually a sloughing off of normal responsibilities and just getting it all done so you can get home and enjoy time with friends and family. I can’t wait. (+)

Happy Thanksgiving next week y’all! Enjoy yourselves! Stay safe, and eat a lot of whatever it is you’re dreaming of!

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.
— Meister Eckhart