Sunday Special, Vol. 16

Yesterday someone asked how my week went, and I didn’t know what to tell them because, honestly, where did it go?? There’s something about these crazy days in between the Thanksgiving and other holidays that can make us lose all track of normalcy, grounding, and taking good care of ourselves. On the other hand, this weekend in yoga teacher training was really special for me because we spent 8 hours learning about Ayurveda, the nutritional side of yoga, which I find extremely interesting. I’m excited to share a little more with you in the next week or so. Anyway, happy Hanukkah if you’re into that and here’s a recap of the past week:

Cori Dombroski yoga


I think I combated all the indulgence of Thanksgiving by not eating very much and moving slowly back into yoga teaching and practice. It was sort of balancing when compared with last week, but skipping meals or sustaining myself on snacks alone always makes me feel a little flighty. I’m sure that contributed to this week’s wildness. (+)


My mom sent me an amazing bday package forwarded from the staff at Canyon Ranch! I’m almost a third of the way through, but the gifts of 30 keep showing up for me. I’m glad my mom is the type who will drive to the post office right away to make sure I get a surprise package ASAP. (+)


This week felt jam packed, so I’m glad I have friends who like to do what I like to do. Some are in my mentor group for yoga, so when we meet to work it just feels like hanging out and catching up. Some come to support my classes. And one will go to see a movie with me that she’s already seen just so I can see it for the first time. Man, I’m lucky! (+)


I felt strong and stable in the classes that I taught this week. However, I have a training exercise to complete for my new part-time job, and I’ve definitely felt myself procrastinating hard! It’s due next week so hopefully the tips I learned in yoga weekend will get me focused and motivated before then. (-)


Christmas shopping is tough on a yogi salary, but I’m gathering deals and making a lot of stuff out of yarn. I had a crazy scare this week with Travelocity/Jet Blue and realizing that, for some reason, my flights home were booked in MY MOM’S NAME! How did that happen?! Not possible! But after 3 hours on hold/on the phone and not taking no for an answer, we got it straightened out and I can still go home for Christmas without spending 500 more dollars. Whew! (+)


I saw the Queen movie! That was adventurous enough for me. I want to see it again and again and sing and dance and where only sequins until forever. (+)


I’ve moved on from crocheting bikinis to more weather appropriate items, like this scarf. And if you count yoga as my hobby, the workshop this weekend was very fulfilling. (+)

crochet bikini


This week has shown me some challenges to my spirit in the romance department that make me doubt what I’ve been manifesting in that area. That’s meant back to the drawing board in the dating game, but I guess I can count it as progress if I’m no longer willing to put up with much B.S. from anyone. (+)


We decorated our house for Christmas on Friday and I’m so very much in the spirit. (+)