Workouts Worldwide

I don't know about this. What do y'all think? I alternate back and forth between telling myself that exercising at a gym is silly and pointless to wondering how on earth I would be alive without free weights and a treadmill. I joined the one here because they have yoga classes, there's a tortoise named Snoopi, and they sell a 10 meal pass for $35. I don't think I would have joined if this were a regular month, but I didn't work out at all in Southeast Asia, and there's been a hefty amount of noodles and rice on these menus.


I usually like to run in the streets to see things and take pictures, but this would have to happen at 5:30am here to take advantage of the cooler weather and make it in time to teach the morning class. And who knows what the catcalling population would have to say about lady parts bouncing around in (gasp) yoga pants and a tank top. Running is not a big part of the culture in Nicaragua.


I tried doing one minute sets of pushups, ab stuff, squats, and leg activities in my room, but I don't really like working out as soon as I roll out of bed in the morning or right before bed, and other times leave too loose a schedule to actually commit to it. Excuses always abound for me and the at-home workout. Plus, using weights usually equals less work for more rewards. So to the gym it is.


There's a chance, too, that it will be a good place to socialize since the other night Danilo's friend introduced me to her daughter by saying, “This is Corinne, the yoga instructor. She has no friends, doesn't know anyone, and has to eat every meal alone.” I thought I was doing okay, but with any luck, my new workout pals will help me surpass her description of me.

New Yoga Offerings

Hi friends! A stroke of luck has hit me hard and I'm getting the chance to teach two weekly yoga classes in Austin. Last week I started working with Foundation Communities, a local non-profit organization, to offer regular classes at one of their residences. I'm also excited to lead a new class at 24 Hour Fitness on Saturdays. 

The Wednesday class is free and open to the public, but space is limited so please do contact me if you'd like to attend. The Saturday class is free to 24 Hour Fitness members and $20 for non-members, so if you've got a membership or are made of money, I'd love to practice with you!

  • Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm Foundation Communities- M Station Apartments
  • Saturdays 1-2pm 24 Hour Fitness- Hancock

I'm very grateful to be sharing a practice that is so special to me with more people in the area. Check out the newly added Yoga section of this site for more information. 

And if that doesn't get you your yoga fix, I'll also be out here as a participant this weekend.

Thank you / Namaste / See you on the mat soon.