The First

Typically, when I get a burst of energy or inspiration, it’s all encompassing and definitely all or nothing. I think I only have two speeds—at home relaxing and recharging or out doing ALL the things. This new year caught me in the hyperactive way, and I was busy planning out every piece of how I wanted to start the first day of 2019. First, I planned on riding the metro to Pasadena to see the Rose Parade. That would be the thing to do for a newcomer to LA with a Gold Line stop right near her house. Then, there’s a tradition in yoga where practitioners attempt to do 108 sun salutations—called a mala—on New Year’s Day (also usually on the equinoxes). I’ve never done it, but I thought of driving over to Santa Monica to Bhakti Yoga Shala right after the parade to try.

Now, maybe you know that Pasadena and Santa Monica are on opposite sides of the city, and to do both of those things before noon on January 1st is, if not crazy, then certainly overly ambitious. Also, NYE festivities had me questioning whether I’d end up doing anything at all. I decided I’d better definitely skip the rushed drive to Santa Monica, and opted for a half mala (54 sun salutations) that would take place in my neighborhood later at night.

Fortunately, on New Year’s Day, I woke up at the proper time for the parade and forced my hungover champagne self out of bed to take advantage of that. It was totally worth it! The floats were so amazing, and it was surprisingly very easy to get there and find a spot with a good view. I had been worried, because so many people camp out overnight. But after seeing the event, I think that’s more for the fun of being there than for the necessity of securing a good spot.


This float from Big Bear was my favorite. Look at the little bears riding the chairlift!


After the parade, since I am a single millennial lady looking to start January off on the right foot, I went on an internet date for coffee. He showed me around Pasadena and it was not a bad way to spend the day, but not the best! I’ll remain undecided on New Year’s Day first dates, but maybe consider keeping the whole first day for you and those you’re already close to. Who knows. Afterwards, I stopped by a friend’s for brunch and then, if I remember correctly, finally made it home to take a nap so I would be ready for the nighttime sun salutes.

I loved the way the instructor, Nora, divided the repetitive practice into 4 sections of ~13 different Surya Namaskars (A, B, and C). For the first, we focused on an Intention or Dedication for the year. The second round was devoted to our Relationships, the third to our Creativity or Career, and the last round to the Source/the Universe/our Spirit. It was an interesting way to give meaning to the movement, and I appreciate the instructor infusing the ritual with something fresh. When the class ended, I felt accomplished, like I had really started the year the way I wanted (with a little flexibility for what my schedule would allow), and I was so, so ready for bed.

2018 Highlights

Whew! Sorry, y’all. I’ve been off the radar due to travels and times with family and friends. I promise I’ll be back in full force in the new year. Meanwhile, here’s the best of what 2018 brought for me. Stay safe and be well!



I woke up in Ometepe, Nicaragua after what was probably one of my most memorable New Year’s Eves.



I became a mermaid.



I moved to LA.


IMG_1584 copy.jpg

I turned 30 and went to Malibu with Mer.



I quit my job (again). And watched my little sister become a doctor.



I explored some.



I went home for a while.



I completed a(nother) yoga teacher training.



I visited my other home and watched two wonderful friends tie the knot.



I got dazed in the desert.



My mom took me to the spa.



That’s now! I’ve been teaching and crocheting a lot. And not writing on this blog. And I went home for nine days.

What a year! Stay safe and be well. I’ll see you in the next one. <3

A New Kind of New Year

Once you've spent Christmas by yourself, New Year's Eve is really no sweat. You can easily ignore it altogether, or talk to a lot of happy drunk people, if you're into social activities. It's up to you. I wasn't sure if going to an electronic music party in the middle of an island jungle was a good thing to do by myself on the last night of the year, but it actually was quite a nice thing to do.

Ferry to Ometepe Island

New friends braided my hair and painted my face, which I am into. The host showing us to our bunkbeds told us we could use the yoga platform for a late night/early morning cuddle puddle with strangers, which I am not into. Luckily, everyone in the jungle is able to do what they please-- including the pigs, cows, horses, dogs, and chickens wandering all over the streets. New Year's Eve is a good time to examine if you're doing what you're into, or what you're not into, and then prepare for a fresh set of 365 days to adjust accordingly.

El Pital Ometepe
El Pital Ometepe

This island paradise provided a perfect space for that kind of reflection.

El Pital Ometepe


Do y'all have any resolutions for this year?

I made it through 2016 without buying any new clothes, like I said I would, but my mom bought me quite a few new items, so I'm not sure that one counts. It might be back on the list. While I haven't been able to settle on many specific goals, my intentions for 2017 are to figure out my intentions for all the years hereafter. 

Artwork from the East Austin Studio Tour in November 2016

Artwork from the East Austin Studio Tour in November 2016

One thing I have been feeling more and more connected to in recent years is the desire for creative expression. I've been taking art classes and practicing some instruments, and I hope to keep that going this year. As I've learned more about the world and the people in it, I've become convinced that we all have a creative spirit inside of us. Of course, some people have easier and better access to it than others, but I think the potential exists in all of us.

My sister accessed hers and freehanded this awesome drawing from Instagram for me!

My sister accessed hers and freehanded this awesome drawing from Instagram for me!

I feel lucky to be in a place where the arts community is so active, and where you can pay $10 an hour to go somewhere and use any crafting supplies you need. That's the sharing economy at its best, in my opinion. Austin has so many fun events and spaces dedicated to the arts, along with amazing artists to learn from and check out. I'm looking forward to exploring and making more this year.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

A New Year

While the end of this past year was a little unexpected and left me feeling scattered, it's hard to look past all the magic that 2016 had to offer.

I went here for the first time!

I went here for the first time!

I finally checked a lot of things off of the to-do list of life... including semi-leaving my job and joining AmeriCorps, an idea that had been dancing around in my head for a while. I visited 6 foreign countries and 8 brand-new-to-me national parks. I watched a small handful of my best friends get married and was able to be a part of some of their weddings. I became a certified yoga instructor and some of the loveliest people came to my house every week to share their energy and help nurture each other's spirits.


My family members all seem to be happy and healthy. I met a bunch of amazing people to keep me laughing and growing. The blessings were plenty and the bad times were few.

2017 has a lot to live up to.